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About AstroArmy

Ab Naukri Nahi Apna Kaam

AstroArmy Software is a branch of Astro-Science Technologies Pvt. Ltd. AstroArmy is the result, product and outcome of the years of in-depth, painstaking, brainstorming, astrological insight, Lal Kitab expertise, Sadhana (meditation) works and sacrifice of world renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist Ji.

Who can Learn?

This is a golden and holy opportunity for any individual above 18 years of age, irrespective of his/her background, age, profession,religion, location etc, to leverage a bright-secure window to earn money at ones’ own comfort, time. It is not only good for the unemployed, retired, housewives etc, but also for working professionals as side-income, e.g., on reference basis. It can be done on part time basis as well.Anyone can learn this software and help the mankind. Social workers can join in too.

Where to Learn?

We are present pan India and also service global clients. Our main office is at 507 Udyog Vihar, Phase -3, Gurgaon India. Material, support, literature etc is provided here. Any face - to-face consultancy and Appointment for some of your esteemed clients can be held here.

You can take training Online also.

Value in AstroArmy

AstroArmy tells every morning /day in time about aspects like what to wear, suitable color, what to do on priority, what to avoid, auspicious-favorable time of day to do any important task-work, what time to avoid- to be cautious about, victory in aspects like court case, child happiness-its cures, remedies and ‘Upays’



To get started, you need to pay to the Company. You will be provided software and astrology training.AstroArmy software can be learnt through the Online training or at office site – 507, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon


A 3 day comprehensive Professional Training by Software Experts, Certified Astrology Acharyas, trainers etc is provided at our office in Udyog Vihar, Phase – 3, Gurgaon. Those outstation, can be provided support via phone, e-tutorial


The AstroArmy strategy-scheme will generate a source of income for more than 12 lac people in about 3 years. Also, Guruji with an understanding of the Indian culture, values and beliefs, has decided to donate (charity-aid) this unique software to the students of the Gurukul, at the starting.

Vashist Jyotish

Vashist Jyotish is a method of astrology based on complex principles of astrology and modern science. It states that one planet can have different effects in multiple houses. Sometimes it could be favorable in one house and unfavorable in another house and the planets will give both favorable and unfavorable effect time to time.


We endeavor to enhance, handhold, provide roadmap and bring about positive effective change in the lives of global citizens and Organizations, leveraging the in-depth astro- science expertise of our Founder Gurudev G. D. Vashist ji and Astrological research.

  • To provide favorable decision-making in Marriage / Match-Making
  • To provide solutions for Parents’ well-being and good living
  • To provide remedies for over-all development of Children
  • To provide optimal remedy on Profession/Occupation/Career
  • To provide recommendation “Upaay” for good Health

Through AstroArmy training program, we want to rebuild faith and bring about change in people’s lives. Within 3 years, we target to provide source of income for 12 lac people, Gurudev Vashist Ji wants to spread happiness to millions of people. Guruji has keen desire to fulfill the dream of nation by generating abundance of employment. With this Gurudev Ji’s major two debts would be cleared: One for Astrology and Second for Bharat Mata.


There are global clients. Millions of people have already leveraged and benefited the Astrological consultancy services of Guruji and Company in the past three decades .

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