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About Us

AstroArmy is a branch of Astro-Science Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ‘AstroArmy’ is the result, product and outcome of the years of in-depth, painstaking, brainstorming, astrological insight, Lal Kitab expertise, Sadhana (meditation) works and sacrifice of world renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashistji.

Under the supreme guidance and GuruDakshina (passing of blessings, learnings etc to aspiring students and any individuals), through the power and knowledge of Jyotish (Astrology) - one can get closer to God and make a positive difference-impact-change in lives. Through the AstroArmy software and its content, we can reduce and remove the negative aspects and periods in one’s life. AstroArmy provides answers to questions like, how to get success, solutions to sufferings, wealth-income issues, removal of pain-problems, ensuring favorability of family happiness, job-profession, health cure etc.

This extraordinaire effort was instantly recognized by masses and astrologers fraternity alike and overnight he became “GURUDEV GD VASHIST”. His encyclopedic knowledge of The Lal Kitab Sciences accompanied by modern sciences and technological linking distinguishes him from the rest of astrologers and places him on a higher pedestal, a pioneered “Astro-Scientist”. Then he never looked back and in his onward journey, he became a visionary, a socio reformist and a missionary focused to mitigate the miseries of the world.

AstroArmy tells every morning/day in time about aspects like what to wear, suitable color, what to do on priority, what to avoid, auspicious-favorable time of day to do any important task-work, what time to avoid- to be cautious about, victory in aspects like court case, child happiness- its cures, remedies and ‘Upays’.

AstroArmy Base: AstroArmy concept was brought live and into light with the development of path breaking Astrology software and its invention – Vashist Jyotist. Renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist Ji has pioneered a top new software that has leveraged and taken the essence of the three astrological phenomena of Parashar, K.P. Astrology and Lal Kitab. This will produce best result-outcome, combining the features of horoscope, prediction etc. It has taken 11 years of painstaking devotion, determination, sacrifice, focus to achieve this ultimate platform. With this, we can know about and determine any native on Earth’s soul, work related, behavior, present, future etc, through the native’s date-time and place of birth.

Through this the native can know about his/her life aspects like happiness, sorrow-pain and to what level will s/he achieve life goals. Not only this, through the power of Lal Kitab Astrology, several unique result-oriented Upays (cures, remedies) have benefited countless people. Therefore, a name has been coined of the end result of above astrological paths and in-depth knowledge powerhouse as VASHIST JYOTISH. Through Vashist Jyotish this Astrology software is created for the AstroArmy called Vashist Jyotish astrological software. Vashist Jyotish astrological software is useful for people from different walks of life, particularly, teachers, unemployed youth, elderly, religious personnel like Pandit jis, Acharyas and so forth. AstroArmy is not only a noble, respectable work, like helping people, curing, but also a source for side or main income.