Mercury (Budh) Tara Asta, 2 August 2018

Mercury is called Budh in Hindi. The Hindi word ‘Tara’ literally means star, but it may be referred-called as a planet. Asta means slowing down, nonappearance, moving away, retrograde or inferior condition. Budh Tara Asta starts on the 1st of August and will end on the 16th of August, i.e., for 14 days.

Each planet has different speeds, distance variation from the Sun from time-to-time – orbital eccentricity, on its revolution around the Sun. This astronomical aspect also affects the astrological aspects, calculations and positive-neutral-negative impact on the natives on Earth. Some auspicious, turning point events occasions are avoided, like marriages, at certain such times-conditions.  When Mercury is malefic in a native’s birth chart, Janam Kundali, s/he can have mental stress, nervous breakdown, loss of memory, speech-interaction problem etc.

Mercury is just a little larger than the Earth’s moon in size. Mercury is the fastest moving planet around the Sun. It is the 1st and the closest planet to the Sun. Mercury takes 88 Earth days to make one revolution around the Sun. Mercury’s speed is the fastest when it is closest to the Sun. Mercury speed is slowest when it is furthest away from the Sun, on its eccentric orbit.

Wednesdays are dedicated to Mercury. Wednesday is called Budhavaar in Hindi, Miercoles in Spanish, Mercurii in Latin, Suiyobi in Japanese, Al’ arbeiea in Arabic. The stone for Mercury is emerald, Panna, in green shade color. The color associated with Mercury is green. The four Mukhi, faced, Rudraksh is ruled by Mercury. In Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati, God Vishnu, and God Brahma are associated with Mercury. In the Greek, Mercury is regarded as the Messenger of the Gods, and with the Greek God Hermes.

In Astrology, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. Mercury rules the 3rd and the 6th Houses. Words associated with Mercury are communication, education, mental reasoning, intelligence, understanding, thinking process, writing, cleverness, speech, language, research, accounts, business etc. Medically, Mercury is linked to the brain, the nervous system, and the respiratory system etc.

The friends of Mercury are the Sun and Venus. Mercury’s opponent is the Earth’s moon. Mercury is neutral with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

A common Mantra for Mercury, Budh is—

Om Bum Budhaya Namah

ऊँ बुं बुधाय नम:

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