Senior Citizens: Noble Occupation, Cause + Income

India has one of the youngest populations in the world many of which also need guidance in vision, education path, wisdom, knowledge on opportunity avenues, culture, heritage etc. There is also an increase in the elderly persons. Seniors citizens’ elderly rights, privileges age starts at 60 and above in India. However, it is said that the age is in the mind.

Many seniors retire every year from the Government services like the Railways, Indian Army, Air Force, Navy, BSF, Postal Services, IAS, IPS, TRAI, Courts, Ministries, various other authorities-departments etc; and also the private sector and PSUs. Senior citizens comprise about 6.8% of the population. About 2 in 3 retired persons continue to work or being occupied work-wise, beyond 60.

For many of the senior citizens, some factors such as, remaining occupied, doing social service, giving back to society, remaining independent especially financially and emotionally, utilizing time appropriately, enduring health, retiring plans, mentoring, helping the needy, keeping a social circle, leisure activities, keeping up with rising expenses etc, becomes a concern.

In the busy modern life, some senior citizens become lonely. Either their children are far away, or are remotely placed, their friends-colleagues are spread away etc. There are certain other constraints as well. It is time to check and exploit an opportunity like AstroArmy.

AstroArmy is a part of decades-old GD Vashist & Jyotish Sansthan. AstroArmy provides a friendly, easy and comprehensive Astrology basic training. Astrology is part of the heritage of ancient India. AstroArmy awards Astrology Certificate on completion. The latest version Astrology software is provided. This software is installed and used in a computer, laptop, tab, mobile phone etc. for you.

There is an in-house Company backup, information and support system. All you need to know is a person’s date-time and place of birth. The person shares his-her problems with you that can be related to any life aspect like Child, Marriage, Love, Relationships, Career, Profession, Health, Wealth, Education etc.

Your target audience can be anyone in need, in grief, sorrow, problem or in need of guidance, advice etc. For example, in youth, your colony, neighboring residents, friends-colleagues, family-relatives, nearby market traders, RWAs, etc; you can even conduct a program or seminar.

To know more about AstroArmy, details, nuances, how it works, how you make money etc, you may please contact us by phone +91 – 124 – 4501999, or email at, or can visit us at our office for free consultancy at 507, Udyog Vihar, Phase – 3, Gurugram (Gurgaon)-122 016, Haryana, India.

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