Tawang Festival, 26-29 October 2018

Tawang is a beautiful small hill station in the Tawang District. It is near the east Bhutan-India-south China border area. Tawang is known for the yellow-roofed Tawang Monastery, Giant Buddha Statue, War Memorial, Emporium, Jang falls, picturesque Sela lake etc and of course the Tawang Festival.

Tawang Festival is a must-visit event. There is dancing by the local people and tribes such as the Monpa, Nishi, Adi etc of the region, on the streets. There is a very nice arrangement of lighting and colorful flag like decorations all around the area. They wear very colorful and attractive festive clothes, masks, costumes, boots, hats, tribal jewelry, and accessories, like a fashion show.

As part of the festival, they play special local-regional musical instruments like trumpets. Special traditional delicious eateries, liquor, and wines are offered, and stalls are installed like a fair; many younger generation natives come out in western dresses and have fun.

There is a lot of similarity between the Tawang Festival and the Naropa, Losar Festival in the Leh-Ladakh region. The culture, traditions, clothing, food etc are quite alike.

How to reach Tawang? Foreign tourists need an easily obtainable special permit from the concerned authorities like the Ministry of Home Affairs or Government of Arunachal Pradesh State office in Delhi etc. Even Indian tourists from the rest of India need to do certain formalities for information about their travel.

Tawang is reached in breaks from Delhi. In a typical travel route, there is a direct flight from Delhi to Guwahati, duration about 2.5 hours. From the Guwahati airport, you travel by road for about 5 hours, approximately 190 km to reach Tezpur. Then a long drive from Tezpur to Tawang of about 11 hours, 325 km; mid-halt-stay is possible in Dirang.

We wish everyone a Happy Festive season, and the spirit of celebration, brotherhood, peace, harmony etc.

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