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To get started, you need to pay an amount of Rs.36,000 to the Company. You will be provided software and astrology training.

A 3 day comprehensive Professional Training by Software Experts, Certified Astrology Acharyas, trainers etc is provided at our office in Udyog Vihar, Phase – 3, Gurgaon. Those outstation, can be provided support via phone, e-tutorial etc.

Members will be provided in-depth training on how to interpret the Vashist Jyotish software output of the native (customer’s) details per his/her date-time-place of birth input in the software.

The Astrology Software – Vashist Jyotish, which is worth lacs of rupees, will be installed in your respective tablets, laptops, mobile phones after the successful completion of the training sessions. The software product is the outcome of some 6.5 lac codes-lines. It incorporates categories of key Astrology and aspects like child-birth, education, health, job, career, profession, business, wealth, marriage, child-birth, parents, prediction etc The software will also produce prediction result on a customer’s health aspect, when s/he will clear court case, divorce, job, business-profit and other features, in one year or over time. The software is designed to indicate full life history for free, with no extra charge, as it is already inbuilt in the Jyotish Vashist software.

In training, how to accurately and appropriately provide cure, remedy and Upay, will be explained well with case studies and examples. - Puja/ Yajna, Holy Material - Most of the astrological, religious, sacred material is provided at our locations at most reasonable rates, under one roof. You also receive and make money of the proceed of sales of these items like gemstones, Puja Samigri etc. or through representation. - Profit is shared for clients paying for the special Pujas, Yajyas performed under trained experienced Pandit Jis, etc. for specific purposes.